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Bizarre Guitar

Bizarre Guitar

CD-Audio set $99 -selected library
CD-ROM set $299 -complete library
Akai/Emu, Roland


AKAI CD-Rom Listing
A01. Byzantium 15.7MB
80 BPM Byzantium 15.7MB
80 BPM Byzantium 1 1.9MB
80 BPM Byzantium 2 1.9MB
80 BPM Byzantium 3 1.9MB
80 BPM Byzantium 4 1.9MB
80 BPM Byzantium 5 1.9MB
80 BPM Byzantium 6 1.9MB
80 BPM Byzantium 7 1.9MB
80 BPM Byzantium 8 2.3MB
A02. Oracle 2.7MB
Oracle 1.3MB
Oracle Sheen 1.3MB
A03. Verbonics 0.9MB
Verbonics 0.9MB
A04. Kyototrem 3.8MB
Kyototrem 1.3MB
Kyotobend 1 1.1MB
Kyotobend 2 1.4MB
A05. Suspicious 14.0MB
Deceived 2.2MB
Blister 1.4MB
Shawshank 3.6MB
Shawshank Hi 0.9MB
Shawshank Lo 2.0MB
Cloaking 1.7MB
Perilizer 0.7MB
Radiodrones 1.6MB
A06. Majestic 10.4MB
Regal 1.1MB
Abandoned 1.6MB
Radiate 1.0MB
Noblemen 1.7MB
Pilgrimage 1 1.1MB
Pilgrimage 2 1.4MB
Pilgrimage 3 1.3MB
Pilgrimage 4 1.2MB
A07. Animinors 1 10.8MB
Obelisk 2.2MB
Rushes 0.9MB
Quest 1.9MB
Gleaming Hi 1.8MB
Gleaming Mix 1.1MB
Oozies 1 1.3MB
Oozies 2 1.6MB
B01. Animinors 2 3.1MB
Icicle Drone 0.9MB
Icicles 1 1.1MB
Icicles 2 1.1MB
B02. Animajors 6.9MB
Estuary 1 1.3MB
Estuary 2 3.3MB
Estuary 3 1.2MB
Circadian 1.1MB
B03. Dark Edge 7.6MB
Disfigured 2.3MB
Shatter 1.0MB
Feedies 1 1.5MB
Feedies 2 1.2MB
Feedies 3 0.4MB
Mercenary 1.1MB
B04. Sleep Cycles 8.8MB
Sleep Cycle 1 1.6MB
Sleep Cycle 2 1.8MB
Sleep Cycle 3 2.9MB
Sleep Cycle 4 2.6MB
B05. Heartland 3.4MB
Heartland 1 1.7MB
Heartland 2 1.8MB
B06. Cascaders 2.7MB
Cascading 1.6MB
Cascoder 1.1MB
B07. Yearnings 11.1MB
Yearning Pad 1.8MB
Emergence 2.5MB
Yearning 1 1.1MB
Yearning 2 1.3MB
Yearning 3 0.4MB
Yearning 4 0.7MB
Yearning 5 1.7MB
Yearning 6 1.7MB
B08. Soothing 1 14.1MB
Dusk 3.0MB
Veil Vapor 1.4MB
Solitary 2.1MB
Pax 2.9MB
Pax Drone 2.9MB
Pulsation 1.8MB
C01. Soothing 2 8.9MB
Translucent 3.4MB
Shadowlands 1 3.6MB
Shadowlands 2 1.9MB
C02. Exuberant 7.3MB
Exhaltation 2.6MB
Rejoicing 1 1.6MB
Rejoicing 2 1.7MB
Rejoice Bubble 1.4MB
C03. Lustrous 5.2MB
Glow 1.2MB
Lapland 2.1MB
Fjords 1.9MB
C04. Mournful 22.1MB
Nepal 1.4MB
Sedation 1.0MB
Pensive 1.8MB
Cultic 1.3MB
Veil 1 1.1MB
Veil 2 1.7MB
Weeping 1 1.4MB
Weeping 2 1.2MB
Weeping 3 3.1MB
Lamentation 1 1.1MB
Lamentation 2 1.7MB
Reflection 1 1.1MB
Reflection 2 0.9MB
Immersion 2.4MB
Swerve 0.9MB
C05. Ishmael Drones 14.5MB
Ishmael Mix 1 1.6MB
Ishmael Mix 2 2.4MB
Ishmael Mix 3 1.9MB
Ishmael Mix 4 2.3MB
Ishmael Pad 1 2.3MB
Ishmael Pad 2 2.7MB
Ishmael Pad 3 1.4MB
D01. Atonal 9.5MB
50 BPM SpagEddy 1.6MB
59 BPM Atonalment 0.7MB
67 BPM Deranged 1 2.1MB
75 BPM Deranged 2 1.3MB
90 BPM Roboshriek 0.9MB
93 BPM Boil 0.6MB
107 BPM Ring Thing 1.5MB
123 BPM Space Goat 0.7MB
D02. Mystical 17.5MB
54 BPM Hereafter 1.4MB
59 BPM Geisha 3.0MB
60 BPM Gamillusion 1 1.4MB
60 BPM Gamillusion 2 0.9MB
64 BPM Tiananmen Dry 1.4MB
64 BPM Tiananmen Wet 1.4MB
120 BPM Fluttering 1.9MB
128 BPM Orientarps 1 1.4MB
128 BPM Orientarps 2 1.4MB
130 BPM Crimson Q1 2.7MB
130 BPM Crimson Q2 0.8MB
D03. Weird Waah 11.2MB
68 BPM Shafted 0.6MB
68 BPM Shaft Filter 1.2MB
87 BPM Vibrawah 0.5MB
91 BPM Chakachaka 0.9MB
93 BPM Funkulator 0.9MB
93 BPM Wahkachaka 1 0.4MB
93 BPM Wahkachaka 2 0.4MB
93 BPM Wringer/Twang 1.8MB
94 BPM Scrapeage 1 0.1MB
94 BPM Scrapeage 2 0.1MB
94 BPM Scrapeage 3 0.1MB
99 BPM Oozie wah 1.7MB
115 BPM Road Wah 0.4MB
130 BPM Shank 1.3MB
130 BPM Shank Skank 0.6MB
D04. Arpeggiation 10.0MB
59 BPM Rivulets 1 2.8MB
59 BPM Rivulets 2 2.2MB
66 BPM Thrush 1.4MB
76 BPM Tingle 1.4MB
120 BPM Etchings 0.5MB
123 BPM Skylark Dry 0.9MB
123 BPM Skylark Wet 0.8MB
D05. Sample+Hold 2.9MB
77 BPM S&H Me 1 0.3MB
77 BPM S&H Me 2 1.1MB
77 BPM S&H Me 3 0.3MB
77 BPM S&H Me 4 0.7MB
77 BPM S&H Me 5 0.3MB
77 BPM S&H Me 6 0.3MB
D06. Edgy Loops 1 6.6MB
56 BPM Vulture 1.4MB
61 BPM Smokehouse 0.7MB
94 BPM Blister Loop 0.4MB
100 BPM Bad Breed 1.1MB
100 BPM Vibra Breed 0.9MB
121 BPM Scorched 1 1.4MB
121 BPM Scorched 2 0.7MB
E01. Edgy Loops 2 2.7MB
121 BPM Scorch Pound 1.4MB
123 BPM Rubdown 1.3MB
E02. Headbangers 8.5MB
62 BPM Goatee 0.7MB
75 BPM Scarface 2.2MB
81 BPM Chunkee 1.1MB
81 BPM Jimispace 2.3MB
81 BPM Vermin 1.7MB
95 BPM Beantown 0.5MB
E03. Dive Bends 11.3MB
Plummeting 1.4MB
Lunge 1.3MB
Elevation 2.2MB
Leap O'Faith 2.0MB
Five Dive 0.9MB
Pike 1.2MB
Plunge 2.3MB
E04. Harmfalls 6.5MB
Harmfall 1 1.9MB
Harmfall 2 1.5MB
Harmfall 3 1.6MB
Harmfall 4 1.6MB
E05. BZG Drones 30.1MB
Gorge 1.0MB
Deceiver 1.3MB
Desolate 2.9MB
Fuse 1.1MB
Gnawing 1.6MB
Hideous 1.4MB
Howler 2.4MB
Laredrone 1.1MB
Hunchback 0.5MB
Ravenous 1 2.4MB
Ravenous 2 2.4MB
Ravenous 3 2.4MB
Stealth 1.9MB
Vulture 3.0MB
Wanderlust 2.1MB
Zed Leper 1.1MB
Adriatic 1.0MB
16' Sine 0.5MB
32' Sine 0.5MB
F01. Edgy Drones 3.8MB
Strumendo 1 0.9MB
Strumendo 2 0.9MB
Strumendo 3 1.1MB
Fleas 0.8MB
F02. Shock Stings 5.6MB
Devastator 0.5MB
Torture 1.1MB
Gravitas 1.6MB
Outburst 0.6MB
Dip Down 0.1MB
Hazard 0.7MB
Slidekick 0.1MB
Shriek 0.3MB
Scald 0.7MB
F03. Afflictions 6.7MB
Rupture 0.1MB
Secret City 2.1MB
Shudder 1.7MB
Shudd 0.2MB
Spittle 0.2MB
Shrapnel 2.2MB
Ripped 0.1MB
Severed 0.1MB
F04. Slash X-pose 2.3MB
Cable Shaft 0.1MB
Live Wire 1.0MB
Flare 0.1MB
Sprocket 0.1MB
Shut-eye 0.1MB
Dissension 0.2MB
Pinion 0.1MB
Threaten 0.1MB
Exterminator 0.1MB
Buzzburst 0.1MB
Money Sparx 0.1MB
Conveyor 0.3MB
Discharge 0.1MB
F05. Cartoon Guitar 0.5MB
Splutter 0.4MB
Kukla 0.1MB
Fran 0.1MB
Ollie 0.1MB
F06. Slash & Burn 1 2.0MB
Sparx menu 2.0MB
F07. Slash & Burn 2 0.8MB
Swipers menu 0.8MB
F08. Slash & Burn 3 5.0MB
Slasher menu 5.0MB
F09. Irritants 5.1MB
Irritant 1 1.2MB
Irritant 2 1.1MB
Irritant 3 1.3MB
Irritant 4 1.5MB
F10. Feedback FX 6.1MB
Spit Storm 1.8MB
Whitey 0.3MB
Rad Drug 1 0.4MB
Rad Drug 2 1.4MB
Rad Drug 3 1.4MB
Rad Drug 4 0.8MB
F11. Maunu Strings 2.4MB
Maunu String 1 1.5MB
Maunu String 2 0.9MB
F12. Guitar Pads 8.8MB
Katmandu 5.9MB
Himalaya 0.8MB
Aramaic Pad 1 0.9MB
Aramaic Pad 2 1.6MB
Breeze 0.4MB
F13. Shreddies 5.5MB
Blaze 2.8MB
Scourge 0.4MB
Shredder 2.3MB
F14. Gamaunu 1.9MB
Gamaunu 1 0.6MB
Gamaunu 2 0.5MB
Gamaunu 3 0.8MB
G01. Bowed Guitar 32.0MB
Bowed Guitar a 32.0MB
Bowed Guitar b 16.3MB
Bowed Guitar c 8.3MB
Bowed Guitar a Mono 16.2MB
Bowed Guitar b Mono 8.2MB
Bowed Guitar c Mono 4.2MB
G02. Gushers 12.2MB
Gusherslide 9.9MB
Gush Crush 2.3MB
Crush\Slide 12.2MB
G03. Glasswells 7.3MB
Glasswell 1 1.7MB
Glasswell 2 0.6MB
Glasswell 3 0.9MB
Glasswell 4 1.0MB
Glasswell 5 1.1MB
Glasswell 6 2.0MB
G04. Snowdrops 4.7MB
North Pole 0.8MB
South Pole 1.3MB
East Pole 1.5MB
West Pole 1.1MB
H01. Contortions 7.7MB
Contortion 1 1.3MB
Contortion 2 1.6MB
Contortion 3 1.3MB
Contortion 4 1.8MB
Contortion 5 1.6MB
H02. Temple Bells 6.1MB
Temple 1 1.4MB
Temple 2 1.5MB
Monastery 1.9MB
Watchtower 1.4MB
H03. Electrofonic 5.9MB
Revotnik 2.3MB
Ebb & Flow 1.3MB
Wiggler 0.9MB
Blip 0.9MB
Indicator 0.5MB
H05. Clusters 6.4MB
Sinister 1.7MB
Devious 1.1MB
Devionize 1.1MB
Halo 1 0.9MB
Halo 2 0.7MB
Halo 3 0.9MB
H06. Avante Guitar 7.5MB
Forlorn 1 1.6MB
Forlorn 2 2.3MB
Serling 1.4MB
Serlinguini 1.4MB
Rebop 0.9MB
H07. Scrape Sweeps 8.8MB
Acension 1 2.1MB
Acension 2 1.5MB
Decension 1.8MB
Leeches 1 1.8MB
Leeches 2 1.7MB
H08. Noise Sweeps 2.8MB
White Sands 1.2MB
Spit Sweep 1.6MB
H09. Ringer Sweeps 2.7MB
Omen Sweep 1.5MB
Orb Sweep 1.2MB
H10. Blue Sliders 11.2MB
Iron Eyes 1.7MB
Laredo 1.6MB
Azure 1 1.6MB
Azure 2 1.2MB
Cooderfried 1.1MB
Tumble Weed 2.0MB
Slider menu 1.9MB
Slider 1 0.4MB
Slider 2 0.4MB
Slider 3 1.0MB
I01. Arabionics 14.9MB
Ishmael Mix 1 2.3MB
Ishmael Mix 2 2.0MB
Ishmael Mix 3 2.0MB
Aramaic Bend 1.8MB
Aramaic Mix 2.3MB
Dubai 2.3MB
Dervishes 2.3MB
I02. 60 BPM Gamillu GC 2.7MB
I03. 68 BPM Shafted GC 0.9MB
I04. 77 BPM S&H Me GC 0.4MB
I05. 81 BPM Chunkee GC 1.4MB
I06. 81 BPM Vermin GC 1.3MB
I07. 87 BPM Vibrawah GC 1.0MB
I08. 90 BPM Roboshriek GC 1.4MB
I09. 91 BPM Chakachaka GC 1.2MB
I10. 93 BPM Funkulator GC 1.9MB
I11. 94 BPM Blisters GC 0.8MB
I12. 99 BPM Oozie Wah GC 2.2MB
I13. 128 BPM Orientarp GC 1.1MB
I14. 130 BPM Shankskank GC 0.7MB

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