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Bass Legends

Bass Legends

CD-Audio set $99 -grooves only
CD-ROM set $299 -complete library
Akai/Emu, Roland



Produced by Eric Persing
Art Direction: Jon Conrad & Associates
Source Recording (Acoustic Bass): Joe Bellamy
Source Recording (Electric Bass): Eric Persing
Recorded at: The Guest Room- Burbank, CA & Peace in theValley- Arleta, CA
Sound Design: Eric Persing
Sample Inputting: Lorey Persing
Additional Sample Editing and Mastering: Bob Daspit
Samplecell, Kurzweil and Akai CD-ROM conversion and tweakage: Todd Campopiano
Equipment used:
Custom Steve Hazleton Tube Bass Direct Box- courtesy of Dan Garcia
Innovonics 201 Limiter
LA-2A Tube Compressor- courtesy of Dan Garcia
Urei 1176 Limiter (Black Face)
API 5502 Equalizer
George Massenberg Labs 8200 Equalizer
Langevin passive equalizer
API 3124m Mic Pre-amp
Bud Wyatt Custom Mic Pre-Amps
Neumann KM-84 Tube Mics
Neumann M-49 Tube Mic
Shoeps Tube Mics
RCA DX-77 Ribbon Mic
Modified and unmodified Panasonic 3700 DAT machines
Roland S-770 and S-760 samplers
Marcus Miller appears courtesy of P.R.A records
The Players would like to thank:
Larry Rosen, Art Weiner and Diane Duffy at GRP, Pat Raines and Lisa Bryner at PRA, Bibi Green, Darryl Pitt & Michelle Hirsh at Depth of Field, Jerry Levin, Yamaha R&D U.S. and Japan, Roger Sadowsky, Darin Gilbreath, & Joe Hesse.
Special Thanks to:
Abe, John, and Marcus- for your amazing contributions and faith, when this project was just an idea. Jon Conrad for the incredible art and patience with our nitpicking. Dan Garcia for the gracious gear loan. The crew at Roland Audio Development, The Laboriel family for loaning Dad to us for one very long day, Bill and Ruth Calvert, Liz "The Wiz" Koenen, Todd for all the late nights and not surfing, Bob "Groover" Daspit for TALPA!, Joe Bellamy for the tube microphone army (should we put up another one?), Chris Meyer for the "formula", Matthew Wilkinson, John Sharp,
Hans Zimmer, Clifford Carter, Joe Mardin, Pino Palladino, Tony Levin, and to our friends: Richard and Cyndi Souther,
Bob and Laurie Wilson, Tommy and Robin Walker, Mark Pickerill, Dan and Michele Tarbutton, Roby Duke, and our
church family at Christian Assembly, Eagle Rock for all your help, encouragement, prayers and great ideas.
This project is dedicated to the Author of Creativity, from whom all sounds are heard, all frequencies generated and timbral spectra known.


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