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CD-Audio $99 - w/o Groove Controlâ„¢
CD-ROM $199 - with Groove Controlâ„¢
Akai/Emu, Roland Three-Disc Set


Roland CD-Rom Listing
DISC A (65-91 BPM)
GC = abbreviation for Groove Control™
065-Bubble Loops 8.3mb
065-Bubble GC 17.8mb
069-Cops Loops 5.1mb
069-Cops GC 10.5mb
076-Reverend Loops 4.6mb
076-Reverend GC 9.6mb
076-Swat Swing Loops 4.0mb
076-Swat Swing GC 8.1mb
077-Slick Loops 8.7mb
077-Slick GC 18.3mb
080-Gudgle Loops 7.5mb
080-Gudgle GC 15.6 mb
082-Bugaboo Loops 6.7mb
082-Bugaboo GC 13.9mb
082-Steady Streamer Loops 4.9mb
082-Steady Streamer GC 9.8mb
084-Blues Shuffle Loops 6.8mb
084-Blues Shuffle GC 14.7mb
085-Lefty Loops 15.9mb
085-Lefty A GC 13.8mb
085-Lefty B GC 17.6mb
085-Swing Shift Loops 7.5mb
085-Swing Shift GC 16.4mb
088-Solid Rock Loops 8.6mb
088-Solid Rock GC 18.5mb
091-Push Pop Loops 3.7mb
091-Push Pop GC 8.0mb
098-Foundation Loops 5.9mb
098-Foundation GC 12.3mb
098-Peppers Loops 9.7mb
098-Peppers A GC 14.0mb
098-Peppers B GC 14.0mb
098-Shred Loops 8.9mb
098-Shred A GC 14.6mb
098-Shred B GC 4.7mb
098-Sphincter Loops 11.6mb
098-Sphincter A GC 17.2mb
098-Sphincter B GC 4.7mb
100-Goin' On Loops 7.9mb
100-Goin' On GC 17.7mb
Listen To This! 10.6mb
DISC B (102-123 BPM)
GC = abbreviation for Groove Control™
102-Backbone Loops 10.9mb
102-Backbone GC 20.4mb
102-Blowup Loops 9.8mb
102-Blowup A GC 15.2mb
102-Blowup B GC 6.1mb
106-Cat Fight Loops 2.7mb
106-Cat Fight GC 4.9mb
108-Pull Up Loops 8.6mb
108-Pull Up GC 17.9mb
110-Rock Shuffle Loops 7.3mb
110-Rock Shuffle GC 14.9mb
112-Meat Loops 7.4mb
112-Meat GC 14.8mb
115-Coping Loops 9.3mb
115-Coping GC 19.9mb
116-Medium Pop Loops 9.2mb
116-Medium Pop A 13.0mb
116-Medium Pop B 6.7mb
117-Wattage Loops 12.2mb
117-Wattage A GC 19.3mb
117-Wattage B GC 7.9mb
118-Big Diff Loops 9.5mb
118-Big Diff A GC 8.6mb
118-Big Diff B GC 10.7mb
120-Chains Loops 7.7mb
120-Chains GC 15.9mb
120-Duga Duga Loops 12.4mb
120-Duga Duga A GC 17.6mb
120-Duga Duga B GC 10.7mb
122-Line Drive Loops 7.0mb
122-Line Drive GC 14.3mb
122-Stop 'N Go Loops 7.8mb
122-Stop 'N Go GC 17.1mb
123-Oh Baby! Loops 9.4mb
123-Oh Baby! A GC 14.9mb
123-Oh Baby! B GC 6.5mb
Listen To This! 10.6mb
DISC C (124-148 BPM)
GC = abbreviation for Groove Control™
124-Classic Rock Loops 6.1mb
124-Classic Rock GC 13.2mb
124-NY Shuffle Loops 9.5mb
124-NY Shuffle A GC 14.8mb
124-NY Shuffle B GC 5.7mb
130-Mondo John Loops 6.4mb
130-Mondo John GC 15.8mb
138-Peak Loops 11.4mb
138-Peak A GC 14.3mb
138-Peak B GC 10.6mb
140-LA Shuffle Loops 4.9mb
140-LA Shuffle GC 10.1mb
148-Power Shuffle Loops 6.6mb
148-Power Shuffle GC 14.5mb
CYM-Add On Crashes 26.7mb
CYM-Add On Splashes 6.8mb
CYM-Add On Rides 19.1mb
CYM-Add On Crashes 26.7mb
SNR-Add On Sidesticks 14.2mb
Listen To This! 5.3 mb

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