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Artist Videos - Josh Gabriel Remix

Josh remixes "My Friend" with Trilian for all the synths and plays the new mix in his live set.

Music Credits:
Josh Gabriel presents Winter Kills
Vocals by Meredith Call
All Synthesizers from Trilian

  Remixed by Josh Gabriel and Eric Persing
Mastered by Eric Persing  

"My Friend Trilian Remix" - Josh Gabriel
Ⓟ Different Pieces ©2010 Spectrasonics 

Video Credits:
Direction/Editing by JLM Creative
Director of Photography: Tom Bango
Cameras: Tolga Gurpinar, Tom Bango, Adam Hawk, Luke Pickerill
Art Direction/Graphics: Tolga Gurpinar
DIT: Adam Hawk
Studio Footage - Glenwood Studios, Burbank
Club Footage - Cirque Event Center, Seattle