Eric Boseman
Spectrasonics Artisan

Eric Boseman

Watching Eric play, one is immediately struck with how effortlessly musical he is. He is simply one of those players that was "born to groove". Growing up in Anchorage, Alaska he honed his orchestral and jazz chops and then went on to study at Berklee, North Texas State University and the Musicians Institute. While in Los Angeles he was active in the R&B and Gospel scenes as a player and producer. 

Boseman's creative percussion and funky drumming will be most familiar to samplists from the best selling Liquid Grooves collection. 

He has also recorded and performed with James Newton Howard, The Keyboard All-Stars, Buddy DeFranco, Justo Almario, The Boston Jazz Septet, The Anchorage Symphony and Promise Keepers events. 

Eric's gift is not only his natural feel and musicality, but the excitement and energy he brings to every project. If scientists ever find the "groove gene", there's no doubt that Eric has it.