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Korla Wygal

Korla Wygal's roots extend from the Seattle area since her transplant over 20 years ago from the Los Angeles area. She has a uncommon gift to captivate and hold an audience with her epic-smooth ballads or her sultry sounds of yesterday. Combined with years of Gospel, Classical and Operatic training, Korla's gift of soul has literally brought crowds to tears. With a massive following, Korla has the complete respect deserving of a true artist's artist.

Korla's first Seattle appearance was with a Gospel Musical called "The Power of Prayer" and became something of a local Seattle celebrity wooing many with her voice. Later in her Seattle career, Korla would define the very beginnings of the character Lulu Belle Jenkins from the award winning Broadway musical "Smokey Joe's Cafe: a Musical Review". She has opened for such legendary artists as Ray Charles, Bobby Caldwell, Grover Washington Jr., Johnny Guitar Watson, and John Lee Hooker. Her voice has reached audiences all over the West Coast of the US and in Canada where she commanded a standing ovation from the audiences of Ray Charles.

Korla is an exceptional vocalist with a warm heart and a soft touch - making you feel the music as it is supposed to be felt - bringing new meaning to the phrase, "Let me entertain you."

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