Ryeland Allison
Spectrasonics Artisan

Ryeland Allison

Ryeland Allison is a multi-faceted composer, producer, sound designer, remixer and instrumentalist whose work is known worldwide through his contributions to numerous films, records and sound libraries. Living in Los Angeles, he has composed for numerous soundtracks and programmed unique sounds for companies like Roland, Korg and Spectrasonics.

Ryeland's remix of themes from "The Dark Knight" appears on a Grammy winning special edition CD. Ryeland also found inspiration in the Electronic/Dance music genres by producing international floor-filling tunes on his eponymous solo album as well as single releases. To date, he has remixed tracks for such luminaries as Hybrid, BT, Armin Van Buuren, Crystal Method, Spice Girls and Christina Aguilera.

A fruitful apprenticeship with Oscar winning composer Hans Zimmer provided Ryeland with the opportunity to work on films such as Inception, Sherlock Holmes, The Dark Knight, Salt, The Thin Red Line, The Fan and The Lion King where he created sounds, wrote songs and played drums. In more recent years Ryeland has broadened his alliance with other composers of note including Harry Gregson-Williams (Spy Game, Shrek), John Powell (Face/Off, Kung Fu Panda) and James Newton Howard (Shopaholic, Duplicity). Ryeland also composed the score for the Rob Schmidt film Speed Of Life and provided additional music for Angels & Demons, The Simpsons, Madagascar 2 and Iron Man.

"Aloha and good tidings, I hope you enjoy our sounds and put them to good use... May they inspire you to create great music."

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