Steve Tavaglione
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Steve Tavaglione

From humble beginnings sitting in with the jazz trio at his uncle’s bowling alley to making his professional debut with Sly and the Family Stone, composer, sound designer and multi-instrumentalist Steve "Tav" Tavaglione has cultivated a reputation as one of the music industry's most inventive and respected players.

Tav was a founding member of the pioneering Worldbeat ensemble Caldera - originators of the Latin pop sound which inspired many new artists in Flamenco and Global Pop.

He has worked with artists as diverse as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Alan Holdsworth, Randy Newman, Roger Waters, Walter Becker, and Joni Mitchell, as well as international superstars Sérgio Mendes, Luis Miguel, Ivan Lins, and film composers Mark Isham, Thomas Newman, and Jay Gruska.

Tav's inspiring solos can be heard in dozens of blockbuster films, including Ocean's 11 & 12, Finding Nemo, American Beauty, and A Bug’s Life. His special talents on the Akai EWI are featured in the Disney hit, WALL-E.

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