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Dave Spiers

After a lengthy period of time as a drummer and keyboard player for a variety of bands, Dave Spiers had the realization that he'd made more money from drum and keyboard programming that he'd ever made from playing!

This epiphany led him to co-found his first company, Keyfax, where they created music software, educational materials, and hardware. Here they produced the popular Phat Boy MIDI controller and their Twiddly Bits software paved the way for many of today's products that use artist-performed MIDI files to trigger quality samples.

Currently, Dave and his partner Chris Macleod head-up GForce Software, purveyors of fine plugin emulations of vintage instruments. GForce is responsible for M-Tron, Oddity, impOSCar, VSM, and Minimonsta, a collaboration with OhmForce.

Dave has acted as consultant and product developer for companies such as Creative Labs, Yamaha, Emu Systems, and Roland. As a sound designer, Dave has worked with a range of artists including Bill Bruford, Rick Wakeman, and Herbie Hancock on a series of Signature Sounds and his work is licensed for use in products such as the Yamaha Motif and Ableton Live.

In addition to this diverse body of work, Dave still finds time to create tutorials and pen articles for magazines such as Computer Music, Future Music, and Japan's DTM.

You can hear Dave's podcasts at www.sonicstate.com.

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