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Omnisphere 2 Software Version History
Omnisphere 2 Software Version History

Omnisphere 2 Software 2.5.1d 10-15-18
  • Support for macOS Mojave
  • Enhancement: User Audio import by drag-and-drop into Granular page
  • Enhancement: Add envelope point with a double-click
  • Enhancement: Show indication of when a control is waiting for MIDI learn to complete
  • Enhancement: Use mouse wheel to scroll over menus items
  • Fixes broken Layer linking when Shared Signal Path is switched from "Shared" to "Normal"
  • Fixes Publish Library action menu selection issue
  • Fixes incorrect state of FX module On/Off when controlled via MIDI CC
  • Fixes broken LFO Preset loading on Windows
  • Fixes minor issue on background bitmap of Radio Delay effect
  • Fixes rare crash caused by two rendering threads (host multi-core processing enabled) that share same SS and start same note at same time
  • Fixes bug in Soundsource browser (layers C,D) where user could cause multi browser to appear
  • Fixes issue in Mac installer where it would show "Waiting for volume to be inserted.." message incorrectly
  • Fixes issue where using mod wheel to adjust sliders was not working correctly (Windows only)
  • Fixes crash in Mainstage related to highlighting controls to show modulation
  • Fixes Arpeggiator sequence graphical issue when Arp Clock set to 1/1 Triplet
  • Fixes EZ-phaser Mix slider parameter value display units wrong
  • Fixes FM and Ring waveform graphics not updating when layer is sampled
  • Fixes Smart Update: it now works when Mac users delete AU Plugin files
  • Fixes envelope section's yellow underline for SSP not visible immediately
  • Fixes Browser highlight rectangle misalignment on Windows
  • Fixes misaligned Arp Transpose text values
  • Fixes Satellite instrument background graphics issue
  • Updates Browser Settings background image
  • Minor tweak to background bitmaps of Power Filter effect
Omnisphere 2 Software 2.5.0d 8-28-18
Includes the following features and fixes:
  • NOTE: Omnisphere 2.5 and higher requires a 64-bit host
  • New Hardware Synth Integration feature
  • Expanded Synthesis Features:
    - Four Layers per part
    - Eight LFOs per part
    - Twelve Envelopes per part
    - Two new State Variable Filters (12dB and 24dB)
    - Doubled Mod Matrix (48 slots)
    - New modulation source "Constant Bipolar"
    - New modulation target "Unison Spread"
    - New "Shared Signal Path" mode to recreate the signal path of hardware synths
  • Major GUI update containing the following:
    - New high resolution, rescalable interface
    - New Granular layout with waveform display - New Live Mode Mixer View
    - New FX Unit Preset steppers
    - New Layer Level Meters
    - New Stereo Part Level Meter
  • GUI Link: Omnisphere follows the moves on the hardware synth by auto- switching to the relevant page of the last moved hardware control
  • Windows Multitouch Support
  • New "Pitch Options" in the System page allows saving master tuning and scale selections in multis or host sessions
  • New Per-layer solo (Option+Click on A/B/C/D button)
  • Cross-layer linking: new behavior for clicking on link buttons
  • New Mod Matrix "All Layers" capability: when enabled, a modulation applies to the relevant parameter in all layers
  • Support for high-resolution CC values
  • Show Link and Shared status when adjusting a control
  • Support for foreign-languages in patch names, tags, search, etc.
  • Set default scaling to be 1.2x for new users
  • Permit user to enter Patch ratings via numbers on computer keyboard
  • New "Clear all browser learns" action on Utility menu
  • Display Master Filter Frequency in Hz
  • Show "Unlearn" contextual menu choice on file menus and waveform menus
  • Enlarge clickable region for some steppers to be more user-friendly
  • "Auto Recall" feature in System is now a User Preference that remembers the last library/directory from which user loaded a patch
  • On menu-based parameters in the Effects racks, don't show the "modulate .." contextual menu choice
  • Fixes minor issue in background bitmap of Thriftshop Speaker FX
  • Fixes issue where "User Audio" was not properly importing all varieties of loop-point data in AIF files
  • Fixes issue where Wacom tablet/pen devices were not working with Omnisphere on Windows
  • Fixes issue with a rare crash in Ableton Live related to Granularity
  • Fixes issue with a rare crash on Windows with "Les and Tob's retro Band" multi
  • Fixes issue where "Reset to default" on Aux Send controls should reset to 0.0, not 0.5
  • Fixes issue related to Auto-audition patches when browsing: (a) fix bug where the audition duration was sometimes truncated for patches with 3 or 4 voices; and (b) make Auto-Audition on/off a User Preference
  • Fixes issue where FX rack GUI could sometimes show random FX controls with blue "is modulated" highlight
  • Enhances Spectrasonics Updater for Windows to eliminate mention of 32-bit
Omnisphere 2 Software 2.4.2c 5-1-18
Includes the following features and fixes:
  • Fixes issue where Granular would not work correctly in some scenarios (primarily on Windows)
  • Fixes issue where some soundsources would not load properly
Omnisphere 2 Software 2.4.1d 4-12-18
Includes the following features and fixes:
  • Fixes issue where patch loading could be slow in some disk/OS configurations (especially on Windows)
  • Fixes issue where Pro Tools GUI can temporarily freeze when loading Keyscape patches in Omnisphere
  • Fixes issue where text-entry can show Chinese characters (only Sonar host, and only on Windows)
  • Standalone: Fixes issue where Sample Rate menu displays incorrect values when changing between output devices
  • Standalone: Adds explicit check for the AU component during the standalone startup sequence
  • Standalone: Fixes issue where ASIO driver selection causes standalone app crash on Windows 10
  • Standalone: Fixes issue where the Tempo slider interaction forced main plugin window in front of all other windows
  • Standalone: Fixes issue where it could crash in some rare situations
  • Installers: Improved DLM/USB installer so user cannot accidentally choose the source STEAM folder
Omnisphere 2 Software 2.4.0f 1-22-18
Includes the following features and fixes:
  • New Standalone application
  • Smart Update system enabled
  • Remote control loading of patches and multis via MIDI Program Change, CCs or Notes
  • “Enter Parameter Value” feature to set parameter to a specific value
  • Up to 2X GUI magnification options
  • New Modulation sources: “3-Step” and “4-Step” and Unipolar sources
  • Adds detents to Arpeggiator Speed knob
  • MIDI CC learn and host automation can now be used for parameters controlled by menus and radio buttons
  • Increases resolution when using Shift key to adjust knobs/sliders values
  • Fixes issue where in Logic 10.3 notes could be truncated when transport was started exactly at beginning of a chord
  • Eliminates zippering audio artifacts when modulating some parameters
  • Fixes issue where re-installing a .omnisphere library caused many dialogs to popup
  • Fixes issue where synced LFO lost phase sync when rate was modulated
  • Fixes issue where boolean filtering was not working in soundsource browser
  • Fixes issue where loading Harmonia presets caused soundsource to get reloaded
  • Fixes issue where right-clicking to modulate cutoff with envelope didn't work
  • Fixes issue where low-level noise was produced in Mainstage host when chorus effect was on
  • Fixes issue where Pro-Verb “Freeze” parameter was not behaving as expected
  • Fixes issue where browser category resets to “All” after multiple categories are selected
  • Fixes issue where “Undo” caused FX parameters to change unexpectedly after save
  • Fixes issue where the LFO Rate param display was incorrect when sync was Off
  • Fixes issue with the Arpeggiator on factory patch “Analog Bass Drive”
  • Fixes issue where Pro-Verb “Predelay” parameter did not restore correctly when host buffer is >= 2048
  • Fixes issue where Publish Library menu would show no items if STEAM was within folder named “Factory”
  • Fixes issue where filter switch was not immediate
  • Fixes issue where patches with several Innerspace effect units took a long time to load
  • Fixes issue where UVI filter could produce a noise burst
  • Fixes issue where Legato samples would only play in one layer
  • Fixes crash related to Thriftshop speaker
  • Fixes issue where a .omnisphere file couldn't be installed from Windows top-level folder
  • Fixes issue where Harmonia waveform menu showed doubled text for Synth Osc
  • Fixes issue where Arpeggiator Speed knob could get stuck if adjusting while Alt was pressed
  • Fixes a minor memory leak
  • Fixes issue where plugin can deadlock when adjusting arpeg parameters
  • NOTE: Patches saved in version 2.4 or later are not compatible with older versions of Omnisphere
Omnisphere 2 Software 2.3.2h 3-2-17
Includes the following features and fixes:
  • Fixes issue where sustain pedal could trigger Synth sound if KeyTracking was Off
  • Fixes issue where sustain pedal up/down events could interfere with LFO triggers and modulation.
  • Fixes issue regarding rare possibility of crash in Arpeggiator
  • Fixes minor memory leak
Omnisphere 2 Software 2.3.2f 1-19-17
Includes the following features and fixes:
  • Fixes issue where Analog Chorus effect can produce audio glitches if chorus Warmth is enabled and a Juicy LP filter enabled and square synth wave playing
  • Fixes issue where "Lock All" Sound Lock on browser would prevent Soundsources from changing
  • Fixes issue where dropping a User Audio WAV file into Layer B would load it into Layer A after import completed
  • New button on Soundsource Zoom pane to control whether or not pedal sounds go thru Effects rack
  • Knob controls: increase sensitivity of Shift key for finer adjustments
  • Increase limit on number of custom controls on GUI for Keyscape patches
  • Permit modulating filter Cutoff with monophonic mod envelope via right- click "Modulate with Envelope"
  • Fixes issue with Harmonizer Mix where dry signal for synth sounds was always output
  • Fixes issue when modulating Arp speed where modulation was not applied to new notes
  • Fixes issue where "Install .omnisphere" action did not correctly list items in browser when finished
  • Fixes issue of a rare crash related to Sample File Server
  • Fixes issue where Speed slider on Filter Envelope Zoom was not responding to modulations while a note is playing
  • Fixes issue where adjusting Filter knobs (Cutoff , Res, etc) while the filter envelope was looping caused audio artifacts
Omnisphere 2 Software 2.3.1 10-6-16
  • Mac installer fully functional on MacOS 10.12 Sierra
  • Enhanced Windows installer
  • Fixes issue with Clock Speed menu where it would not show "Normal" setting after selecting a setting other than "Normal"
  • Fixes issue where "Redo" option could be improperly displayed
Omnisphere 2 Software 2.3.0h 9-12-16
  • Compatibility with Keyscape
  • Redo/Undo functionality
  • Collapse/Expand Mini Browser
  • Mini Browser Ratings
  • Streaming improvements
  • Note Stealing improvements
  • Progressive Loading improvements
  • Add new "Custom Tab Reset" user preference button on System pane
  • Aux Rack FX Return is modulatable
  • Various fixes and improvements
Omnisphere 2 Software 2.2.0g 3-24-16
  • Bypass all effects by pressing the LED below FX button
  • Move effects within effects rack by dragging
  • Phase invert button on sublayer mixer in Soundsource Zoom
  • Latch mode: terminate all notes when host transport is stopped
  • Improved Browser performance
  • Improved Patch-loading time on Windows
  • Fixes crash when bouncing/freezing large amount of compressed audio files
  • Changing effect type was not clearing out the effect's mod matrix slots
  • Fixes bug where Ultrachorus effect could generate excessively-loud volumes
  • Fixes bug where Chorus Echo effect delay time could be wrong after changing host sample rate
  • Fixes bug in Toxic Smasher effect where it could produce an unwanted "chirp" sound at end of notes
  • Fixes issue with Doubling Power Chords Patch
  • Fixes issue with notes terminating if Solo is enabled and sustain pedal is depressed
  • After dropping a MIDI groove into Arpeggiator, some groove indicators were not being displayed
Omnisphere 2 Software 2.1.0d 8-4-15
  • Improved GUI popup time
  • New "Publish Library" feature
  • Improvements to sharing features
  • On/Off buttons for Osc modules in Layer Pages
  • User Audio Import: unique-ify name rather than overwrite existing sound
  • Show "N/A" in Harmonia Zoom osc menus when using sampled source
  • Clear all Sound Lock checkmarks when Multi or Patch is Initialized
  • Sound Match does not switch to All directory in Mini Browser
  • Sample Thinning not recalling properly
  • Header graphics can get into confused state
  • Plugin hangs loading impulse file in a certain way
  • Mini Mod Matrix becomes inoperative in certain situations
  • Crackling sound in Bass Feeder Patch
  • Ultra Chorus rate change causes unwanted delay in Ableton Live
  • Waveshaper "AMP" audio path can cause audio glitches (Windows only)
  • Improperly highlighted keys in Stack pane
Omnisphere 2 Software 2.0.3d 6-3-15
  • Round Robin menu on System pane always did Sequential
  • Mod Matrix target menu text can be too wide for text box
  • Browser Directory text can extend past box if directory name is long
  • Rare deadlock on startup related to lock governing memory usage text update
  • Cannot create Smoke Amp FX in a Multi FX rack
Omnisphere 2 Software 2.0.2d 5-15-15
  • Adds user preference in Browser Settings to select if Mini-Browser should respond to up/down arrow keys
  • Fixes crashes when close plugin in a certain way, related to Trilian Controls
  • Ensure that Start slider range behavior is consistent and accurate
  • Crash related to Frequency Slider on FM page
  • Hosts stop playing audio sporadically when impulse files used in Effects rack
Omnisphere 2 Software 2.0.1c 5-7-15
Includes the following features and fixes:
  • All knob & slider parameter displays show value 1.000 when Arp Swing is modulated
  • Aftertouch has different reset behavior than v1.5
  • Crash related to User Preferences when running 2 or more instances
  • Problem restoring arpeggiator sequences which have rests and have the length parameter turned down
  • Windows non-English-language computers permissions issue
  • Tempo in effects that had Sync option was not initialized properly with host tempo value
Omnisphere 2 Software 2.0.0e 4-30-15
  • Original Release