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Omnisphere 2 Legacy Updates
Omnisphere 2 Legacy Updates

These downloads are legacy updates for Omnisphere. They should only be used when the most recent updates are found to be completely incompatible with your system. You should only use these when it is recommended by Spectrasonics Tech Support. It's very important that you always stay up-to-date with the latest versions of the software, patches, and soundsources for Omnisphere.

SOFTWAREMac2.5.0d79.3 MB8-28-18
Windows2.5.0d38.6 MB8-28-18
Mac2.4.2c62.9 MB5-1-18
Windows2.4.2c33.2 MB5-1-18
Mac2.4.1d63 MB4-12-18
Windows2.4.1d32 MB4-12-18
Mac2.4.0f62 MB1-22-18
Windows2.4.0f33 MB1-22-18
Mac2.3.2h58.3 MB3-2-17
Windows2.3.2h29.6 MB3-2-17
Mac2.3.158.3 MB10-6-16
Mac2.3.0h61.6 MB9-12-16
Windows2.3.0h29.8 MB9-12-16
Mac2.2.0g58.3 MB3-24-16
Windows2.2.0g29.8 MB3-24-16
Mac2.1.0d57.2 MB8-4-15
Windows2.1.0d29.1 MB8-4-15
Mac2.0.3d56.7 MB6-3-15
Windows2.0.3d29.1 MB6-3-15
PATCH LIBRARYMac/Win2.5.2c49.7 MB10-15-18
Mac/Win2.5.1c49.5 MB9-5-18
Mac/Win2.5.0c50 MB8-28-18
Mac/Win2.4.0d40 MB1-22-18
Mac/Win 2.1.0e34.38-17-15
SOUNDSOURCE LIBRARYMac/Win2.0.1c2.3 MB10-6-16