Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get the Bob Moog Tribute Library in another format?
Sorry, but it's limited to Omnisphere users. As we were developing this benefit project for the last year, we really wanted to keep the spirit of Dr. Moog's creativity and inspiration - so it made the most sense for us to make the fund-raising aspect of this project with our own synthesizer as the engine that powers the Tribute Library sounds. This allowed us the most creative freedom to make a great experience using the new sounds to create interesting patches with Omnisphere's extensive realtime synthesis capabilities. Because of this choice, the Tribute Library is a far richer experience and users can be much more creative with the sounds than if they were just static samples. Many of the patches are not even using samples at all, but rather the synthesis features of Omnisphere itself.

How much of the sales of the Tribute Library go to Spectrasonics?
None. 100% of the proceeds of the Tribute Library go to the Bob Moog Foundation.

Can I buy the Bob Moog Tribute Library from my local dealer?
No. Since this is a fund-raising project, it is available exclusively from Spectrasonics Techshop as a downloadable product.

Will the Bob Moog Tribute Library work on earlier versions of Omnisphere?
No, using Omnisphere v2.4 or higher is essential to hear the patches properly.

Are the sounds in the Tribute Library license free for commercial music use?
Yes, when you purchase the library, you are licensed to use the sounds in any music production without additional fees for your lifetime. The music does not have to be related to the contest at all and we hope you make lots of great music with these sounds for many, many years!

Can I use the Tribute Library sounds outside of music production?
No. If you have any non-musical use of the sounds from the Tribute Library, it's very important that you contact us directly in advance to clear an special, non-musical usage.

Are there any legal limitations to how I can use this Library?
The main limitation is that you are not allowed to use it to make a sample library or another kind of sample-based product. You are also restricted from giving away or posting online any loops or samples created using this Library. However, you are able to use these sounds in all musical recording applications without paying any additional licenses.

Do I have to credit Spectrasonics if I use a Library on a project?
No, it isn't mandatory...but it would be a very nice gesture to the contributors!

Do I need to obtain a special license to use a Library on a commercial project?
No, the lifetime license fee to use the samples is covered in the purchase price of the Library. You can use it on as many of your own projects as you like and we hope that you make some hits with it!

Can I use this Library in multimedia or game music projects?
Yes, this is OK unless you want to put samples from the Library encoded directly into the game. That requires an additional license.

I work at a production music studio with several other composers/producers. Can we all use the Library from our main server?
No. It's very important to know that each composer must have his or her own copy and license for the Library. We make regular checks to verify that large production studios have obtained the proper licenses for our instruments and sample libraries.

As a studio owner, can I include this Library on a rental or studio computer for studio clients to use on their projects?
No....the standard license to use this Library is only granted to the buyer. If it is your own recording project that you are producing, of course that isn't a problem... but your studio clients aren't licensed to use it for their own projects, and Library use can't be "rented".

Does this mean that I can't use this Library when working on someone else's project?
No problem. The "single user" is defined as the person who is licensed to use the Library. This means that the licensed user can use it on an unlimited number of musical projects they are involved in. This can be a person's own project, a project where they are acting as a producer for another artist, as a session musician performing on someone else's project live or in the studio, etc, etc. The main point of our license agreement is the concept of a single licensed user. If a licensed user is not musically involved in a project, that is where there is a restriction... hence the inability to simply rent the Library or rent "time" to use the Library as part of a studio's services. Most of our customers use their Spectrasonics sounds on many different kinds of musical projects for different artists and collaborations.

Can my writing partner use a copy of my Library on their computer?
No....the license to use this Library is on a per-person (single user) basis. They would need to purchase their own copy of the Library to use it legally on their computer.

Can I install my Library on a client's computer for their use?
Not unless they are a licensed user.

Can I resell my Library used to someone else?
No. The sounds are licensed and registered ONLY to you (single user) and therefore, you can't give away or sell the library used to someone else. The license is the right given to a single person to use the sounds in the Library. When you purchase the product, you are primarily purchasing the right to use the product. Also, if you sell your computer that has a Spectrasonics Library installed on it, you are required to delete it first from the hard drive.

Can I use the demo songs?
No, they are just there to give you an idea of what the library can do.

I've never heard of these kinds of licensing restrictions before. Why does Spectrasonics have such an unusual policy?
It's not actually unusual at all or even unique to Spectrasonics. In fact, this is the identical type of license agreement used by thousands of sample libraries, virtually all sample-based virtual instruments and the vast majority of music software. Single-user license agreements do have different restrictions compared to using hardware devices, and many people are not aware of these types of differences and restrictions. Part of the purpose of this FAQ section is to serve as a clear explanation of our policies. In this case, these types of "single user" license restrictions are standard for nearly all software/soundware companies, not only Spectrasonics.