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Vintage Vibe Tine Bass
Vintage Vibe® Tine Bass

We are pleased to present the official virtual instrument version of the Vintage Vibe® Tine Bass. The original electro-mechanical Rhodes® Piano Bass was produced from the early 1960s and it was famously played by the Doors’ keyboardist, Ray Manzarek. Fast forward to 2011 when Vintage Vibe created the Tine Bass Piano – a quality, modern take on a classic.

Vintage Vibe Tine Bass

The Vintage Vibe® Tine Bass is a 44-key, three and a half octave (C1 to A4), electro-mechanical tine piano that weighs 37 pounds (much less than its inspiration). The pickups are routed through Vintage Vibe’s own tube preamp. There is a small push-button switch on the left underside which toggles between the tube preamp and a passive output.

The fact that it is a tine piano lets you play softly for a warm tone, hit the keys hard for a real growl, or anywhere in between. Played as a bass by itself or doubled with other instruments, this key bass adds a nice, fat low end to your track. We modeled it’s mechanical noises and included special octave versions in Keyscape, which make for some of the most thunderously punchy bass sounds you’ve ever heard!

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