MAIN - Latch and Trigger Mode



The Latch Mode and Trigger Modes extend the multi-timbral performance capabilities of Omnisphere, especially when used together with Live Mode or Stack Mode. They enable real-time creation of complex, multi-Part performances which synchronize with other Parts and clocked sources without the need for traditional sequencing techniques.

The Latch and Trigger Mode controls can be accessed directly to the left of the Multi-Function Sliders.




Latch Mode causes notes to be held when played (or toggled off when played again), allowing quick triggering of repeating arpeggiated phrases or sustained sounds, while freeing the hands to play additional notes for layering, or for switching to other Parts to play new phrases on top.





Using Trigger Modes, incoming MIDI notes can be quantized in real-time, making it very easy to experiment and improvise along with other Parts and clocked sources without losing synchronization.

These features are a lot of fun to use for jamming and building up ideas quickly!