OMNI TR - Jumbo




Omni TR's JUMBO page is a two-way, touchscreen remote control for Omnisphere’s Live Mode page. The Patch selection buttons on the Jumbo page are large and easy-to-read, making it ideal for stage use. Since Omnisphere’s Live Mode already allows multiple sound selection, the multi-touch display in Omni TR makes a useful and convenient control surface. By choosing "Live Mode" from the Omni TR Operation Mode menu, patch names can be simply touched to be enabled, one or more at a time for layers and stacks. It's possible to add a sound by holding down the already-selected Patch name(s) and touching the new one(s) you wish to add.

The JUMBO page frees players from sitting in front of their computer and allows them to load Multis and select and layer Patches on-the-fly from anywhere on the stage.