OMNI TR - Getting Started




The Omni TR iPad app introduces Spectrasonics ‘TR’ (Touch Remote) concept - combining the tactile advantages of the iPad as a performance-oriented touch surface, with the company’s powerful computer-based virtual instruments – creating a true hands-on experience for musicians. One of the big differences between software and hardware synths is the hands-on aspect - the immediacy of being able to grab a knob or a fader and achieving instant results versus moving a cursor with a mouse. The iPad and the new Omni TR app bridge that gap and bring the sense of touch to state-of-the-art virtual instruments like Omnisphere.

Omni TR brings Omnisphere’s interactive features closer to the music creation process with the ability to create setups and sound modifications very quickly. The user’s fingers can activate patches, tweak filters, re-mix, bend and spin amazing performance possibilities from the innovative new ‘Orb’ circular controller. With its high contrast interface, Omni TR is perfect onstage for live performance or even in the studio where the iPad sits at the controller keyboard located away from the studio computer. Best of all, the Omni TR app is extremely easy to use, offering full two-way communication with Omnisphere with just a simple wireless connection to the computer running the plugin. 

Omni TR is a four-page app. Each page can be accessed by selecting from the icons on the top-left. These icons appear on all pages.



The Main page is designed to give a rapid overview of all 8 parts in Omnisphere. From this page, it is possible to browse and select Patches and Multis, latch and set the trigger mode for individual parts, as well as mixing and editing with the multi-function faders.

The Orb is a unique circular controller that intelligently modifies Omnisphere's sounds in realtime. Pressing the Dice button will give new variations and starting points. It is possible to record your modifications and realtime movements as part of the patch.

The Controls page offers fast access to some of the most useful performance parameters in Omnisphere and a has a fun and useful Pitch Ribbon.

The Jumbo page provides a large view of the Patch selections (ideal for use on stage), along with easy access to multi-touch Patch selection.

There are controls that are common to all four pages. For more information, visit the Common Controls section.

Now that you're free to move away from your computer, inspiration and creativity can happen anywhere!


NOTE: In addition to this reference guide, there is a quick and handy Omni TR manual, accessible from all pages via the "i" icon in the top-left.



OMNI TR - Setup & System Requirements

GETTING STARTED - Setup & System Requirements


Setting up Omni TR is simple.

1. Check that your iPad and computer are connected to the same wireless network.

2. Make sure that Omnisphere is running on your computer and that the "Accept Omni TR Connections" option in Omnisphere's System page is enabled.

3. Launch the Omni TR app on the iPad and press "Connect."

4. Select your computer from the list which appears and Omni TR will establish the connection.


NOTE: If there are multiple instances of Omnisphere open in the host, Mac users can select from the list of instances upon launching the app; Windows users only have access to the first one listed.



Omni TR will recognize and connect to your host computer and you'll have wireless, touchscreen control of Omnisphere.



The Omni TR iPad app requires iOS 4.2 (iPad Operating System 4.2) and works with Omnisphere 1.5 or newer on Mac OSX or Windows systems. Windows users will need to install Bonjour from Apple.



OMNI TR - Windows Setup - Bonjour Installation

GETTING STARTED - Windows: Bonjour Installation


Please visit the Apple download site at:

Search for "Bonjour for Windows", then download and install it. Make sure to enable Omni TR support in Omnisphere by turning on the "Accept Omni TR Connections" option in Omnisphere's System page and then re-instantiating Omnisphere.

Next, you'll need to start the Omni TR app on your iPad (connected to the same WiFi network as your PC) and press "Connect."



OMNI TR - Mac OS X - Ad Hoc Network Setup

GETTING STARTED - Mac OX: Ad Hoc Network


If your Mac is not on a network, but you'd still like to connect to an iPad, you can create what's called an "ad hoc" network (aka: a computer-to-computer network). This type of direct network actually provides the optimum wireless performance. Follow the instructions below to create the ad hoc network on your Mac, then connect to the new network with your iPad:

To create a computer-to-computer network, simply choose "Create Network" from the AirPort status icon in the menu bar and Press OK.

• If the icon isn’t in the menu bar, choose Apple > System Preferences, and then click Network. Click AirPort and select the "Show AirPort Status in Menu Bar" checkbox.

• If you wish, you can give the network a different name and select a channel from the pop-up menu. The default channel is 11, but you can also choose channel 1 or 2.

• If you want to protect your network with a password, you can select the "Require Password" checkbox and type in your password.





OMNI TR - Troubleshooting

GETTING STARTED - Troubleshooting


If you press the "Connect" button and don't see your computer in the list, please take the following steps:

1. Check to make sure you have Omnisphere version 1.5 or newer installed on your computer.

2. Check to make sure "Accept Omni TR Connections" is turned on in the Omnisphere System page. If not, turn it on, quit and restart your host.

3. Make sure that both your computer and your iPad are connected to the same local Wi-Fi network via your wireless modem, or follow the instructions in Setup to create an ad hoc network.

4. Windows users will need to make sure Bonjour is installed.


NOTE: Only one Omni TR/Omnisphere plug-in combination can be used together.