Trilian Upgrade Omnisphere Upgrade

Omnisphere Upgrade price info:

Standard Upgrade - $249*

For all Atmosphere customers

Special Upgrade - $199*

For 2008 grace-period and for Atmosphere Intel Mac customers

VIP Upgrade - $149*

For original customers of all three Spectrasonics instruments (Atmosphere, Trilogy and RMX)

Before upgrading, please check the System Requirements

Upgrade Now

To buy Omnisphere new, please visit your local authorized Spectrasonics dealer.
To upgrade to Omnisphere from Atmosphere, click the upgrade link above.

Upgrade to Omnisphre now and start taking advantage of STEAM Engine technology!

*Shipping and customs charges not included. Sales tax for California and Texas residents not included.

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Having trouble with your order or upgrade? Email detailing the specific issue and we will respond in a timely fashion. You may also call (818) 955-8481 between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Pacific Standard Time.

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